Friday, 20 July 2012

Gonna get through it....

Well it is the start to a new weekend so I am trying my darnedest not to falter. 

The office is ordering Thai for lunch, so beef skewers it is.  If the meat is too dry I will used the peanut sauce very sparingly as suggest by Poon Jr.  Then DH and I are too see "Dark Night" at the theatre.  I am going to have to breeze right past the concession stand to keep from wafting in the popcorn smell.  Once I am in and seated I will be fine.  Do you think I can sneak in some sugar-free Twizzlers in my bag?  I just might LOL.

Saturday morning will be an early rise to get to the Farmer's Market with Nikki to be a PR rep for the St. John's Therapy Dog program and to help out with the Teddy Bear Triage with the First Aid guys in the ambulance.

Then the part I might dread.....a pool party with the Hadfield gang at C's place.  Since we are both on it, I am taking a veggie tray with all Poon veggies and I have found a recipe for a sour cream and Mrs. Dash that I am poon'ifying :)  Also I am making a coleslaw that will have the Walden Italian dressing instead of mayo so we will be able to munch on that too.  I am a reluctant to eat the veggie dogs since I am afraid of the sodium or even extra stuff that isn't allowed on Phase 1.  So as I say "when in doubt, don't."  So I will be happy with what I am taking and staying away from the cake and chips that are going to going around too.

I think I am going to be "au natural" in the swimsuit again, so when there are comments made about why I am not eating those foods I can say I have put to much work into me, to put that type of food into me. :)  Did you bring your dictionary to understand that one LOL

Sunday will be lunch with Mom while the DH is at a stag at Canada's Wonderland so I have a choice of the raw vegan restaurant or Swiss Chalet.  I guess I will leave it to mom what she wants to do.

See you in a few days and don't forget to keep hydrated!

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